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Excel Simple Write

Author: Kyobong An


This plugin writes values to CSV or Excel (.xlsx). If writing to a file/sheet that does not exist, the plugin will generate it automatically.

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Required Input

  • Output file path – a full path of the csv or Excel file (.xlsx only)
  • Value(s) to be written

Optional Input

  • Sheet name (.xlsx only)
  • Cell range (for input)

Following formats can be used ---

A1:C30      for specific rage

A:C            for multiple columns

1:30           for multiple rows

A                one column

1                one row

  • Cell ID to start writing from (for output)

Advanced Input

  • Data only option (Good only with .xlsx when you want to read data (value) over formula)
  • Encoding format of the input data (default is UTF-8)


Return Value

  • String         Full file path for the output file
  • CSV            Full file path for the output file
  • File            Full file path for the output file

Return Code

0        Execution Successful

1        Open Error (Input file not found or input sheet not found

9    All other responses from the plugin

Parameter setting examples

Text from Image

Return Code

0Execution successful
1File open error
9Other failures

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