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Author:  Taiki Shimasaki
This plugin creates new blank files with either .xlsx or .csv format.

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(warning) NO special characters can be used --- The following special characters are not allowed for either the filenames or for the user defined extensions.

\, /, :, *, “, <, >, | 

(They will cause an error.)

NO long file names can be used --- CSV file name cannot exceed 255 characters in length. Excel files names cannot contain more than 206 characters

NO long full file path can be used ---The plugin will fail when the full file path exceeds 260 characters

Files with following two (2) extensions can be created.

  1. xlsx
  2. .csv


Required Inputs

  • File type
    Choose either .xlsx or .csv
  • Path for a folder o store the new file
  • File name
  • IF File Exists
    Select what to do when a file with the same name has been detected in the same folder. 

    Your choices are
    1) fail the bot 2) create and fail by adding (n) at the end of the file name 3) overwrite the file, and 4) do not make the file, give no error, and proceed to the next operation.

  • Validate Option
    When checked, it validates the file name.
    - [Return Failure] option returns fail and stop the bot when illegal characters are detected.
    [Sanitize] option automatically removes the illegal characters. It also adds an underscore (_) when “reserved words” in the Windows are used for the file name. However, COM0 and LPT0 are not correctable with the Sanitize option. It just leads to a bot to fail.

Optional Inputs

  • Excel Sheet name
    Defines the sheet name. Default is “Sheet1”  (the new Excel file contains only one sheet.)
    Special characters like the following are not allowed to be included in the sheet name. 
    `\, ', *, /, :, ?, [, ], ’, ', *, /, :, ?, [, \, ], ¥` 

  • Sheetname Length
    Defines what to do when sheet name becomes longer than 31 characters.
    "Cut to 31 char":deletes all that is after the 32nd characters.

    "Return Failure":bot fails and stops when more than 31 chars are detected.

Output/Return Value

  1. Choose [String]
  2. Full path to your new file will be returned.

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