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This function is one of Plugins Operation.You can find the movie in ARGOS RPA+ video tutorial.

Excel Copy Paste

Author: Irene Cho

Primary Features

  • Copy styles and values of cells in an excel sheet
  • Select print area 
  • Output will be an absolute file path 

Need help?

Technical contact to

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Plugin Parameters

  • Excel/CSV File: An absolute file path of a file
  • Sheetname: The name of a sheet to copy
  • Paste Sheetname:  The name of a sheet to paste
  • Save As: A new filename to save
  • Cell/Range: Cell or range of cells to copy
  • Paste Cell/Range: Cell or range of cells to paste
  • Copy with values: Copy and paste cell values
  • Data Only: Print only data instead of including formulas
  • Set Print Area: Select print area
  • Encoding: Excel encoding

Example of the plugin in STU

 Text from Image