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This function is one of Action Operation. You can find the movie in ARGOS video tutorial.

Important Notifications

  • EXCEL BASIC can only handle 1 row or 1 column per operation.
    *) for requirements to handle m x n range data at once use EXCEL ADVANCED in the Plugin toolbox.
  • EXCEL BASIC supports both read and write.
  • No need to have the Excel sheet in existence when using write.
  • EXCEL BASIC Support .xlsx extension.

Need help?

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Parameter Settings

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 No error will be returned even when WRITING did not successfully execute.

For WRITE operations, only variables can be used for input to Excel Basic. (no direct values can be written)

*) Please note that Global Variables do not work.


Hardcoded values must be first stored into a STU variable using Set Variable operations.

See below example

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