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Excel Advanced III

Author: Irene Cho

Primary Features

  • You can create paste new values or replace the old values to new ones.
  • Simple excel formulas such as count, counta, countif, sum, vloookup can be performed


  • Local MS Excel 


    Excel Advanced III (AdvIII) is designed to take CSV as an input. However, it is an Excel plugin after all. There are some limitations with CSV data type. If your CSV includes special data types such as date/time, percentage, and currency, they may be handled only as string thus some formulas may not work. 

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1. Plugin operations and required parameters

  • Common parameters
    • Sheetname: A sheetname for the excel file which default is 0
    • Save As: A new filename 
    • Encoding: UTF-8 is default
    • Format Cell/Range: Cell or range of cells to change the specific excel format
    • Format: Specify the type of formats e.g. YYYY-MM-DD




    Put value/formula

    Newvalue: A new value to put (e.g. 10)


    Cell/Range: A cell/range to paste

    Replace value/formula

    Oldvalue: An old value to put (e.g. 10)


    Newvalue: A new value to put (e.g. 10)

    Cell/Range (optional): A cell or range to replace the values

    *If you don’t specify, the whole sheet will be replaced

    Convert str2num

    *convert string to numeric values

    Cell/Range (e.g. A1:A1 even when choosing one cell)

    Sheetname (if more than one sheet in .xlsx)



    Cell for formula: A cell to save the VLOOKUP formula

    VLOOKUP Value

    Cell/Range: range containing the lookup value

    Target Cell: lookup value

    Index: the column number in the range containing the return value

    True: Approximate match (TRUE) or Exact match (FALSE)


    Cell for formula: A cell to save the COUNT formula

    COUNT Value

    New Value: New values to count (e.g. 1,2)



    Cell for formula: A cell to save the COUNTA formula

    COUNTA Value



    Cell for formula: A cell to save the COUNIF formula

    COUNTIF Value


    Condition: The condition for COUNTIF function

    *Use 2 double quotation marks for the condition e.g. ““>10””


    Cell for formula: A cell to save the SUM formula

    SUM Value

    New Value: A numeric value to be added


    Fill formula

    *Put the formula in the range

    New Value: New formula

    File Path

    Cell/Range: Range to paste

    (info) The function of ’Cell for formula’ parameter? It is a cell which stores output value.

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2. Example of the plugin in STU

  • SUM

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Return Code

0Execution successful
1Execution failed