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Env Var

Author: Jerry Chae

This plugin is will obtain Environmental Variable from the operating systems both system (preset) variables and user defined variables.

This plugin is extremely useful because it can minimize the localization when the development and deployment environments are not the same. This includes cases like a bot, which calls for a local file from a local folder, that would eventually be deployed at multiple workstations (execution environments.) such as Call Centers.

Need help?

Technical contact to

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Name(s) of the Environmental Variable

(info) Please refer to this link for the complete list of Windows Environmental Variables.


Environmental Variable Name and the Environmental Variable in CSV, JSON, or YAML format.

How to set parameters

Text from Image

Output Example

Output from the parameter setting above would look like below,

homedrive                   homepath                    userprofile

C:                                 \Users\argoslabs         C:\Users\argoslabs

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