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Email IMAP Read/Mon

Author: Jerry Chae

Reads and monitors emails from various emails servers with various conditions using IMAP protocol.

(warning) Note


  1. Read – reads and captures data from the emails.
  2. Monitor – check emails and returns # of emails it finds that meet the criteria (conditions) set.

(info) Must REPLY to an email in automation? Click here for how to set up a reply email.

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How to set parameters

1. Select Operation
    Choose either Read or Monitor.


2. Basic parameters

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When Save Folder is not designated, the files will be stored in the default folder.

3. Return Values

a. Read operation returns the detailed data of the target emails it found including file locations (paths) of the body message file and the attachment file(s).

b. Monitor operation just returns the number of emails it finds that matches the conditions that you set.

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Email IMAP Read/Mon CSV Headers and Variables.

Example Group Name for the CSV : maildata

Header becomes the variable name.

timefromfrom nametoto namesubjectbody_fileattachments
{{maildata.time(1)}}{{maildata.from(1)}}{{maildata.from name(1)}}{{}}{{ name(1)}}{{maildata.subject(1)}}{{maildata.body_file(1)}}{{maildata.attachments(1)}}
{{maildata.time(2)}}{{maildata.from(2)}}{{maildata.from name(2)}}{{}}{{ name(2)}}{{maildata.subject(2)}}{{maildata.body_file(2)}}{{maildata.attachments(2)}}
{{maildata.time(3)}}{{maildata.from(3)}}{{maildata.from name(3)}}{{}}{{ name(3)}}{{maildata.subject(3)}}{{maildata.body_file(3)}}{{maildata.attachments(3)}}
{{maildata.time(4)}}{{maildata.from(4)}}{{maildata.from name(4)}}{{}}{{ name(4)}}{{maildata.subject(4)}}{{maildata.body_file(4)}}{{maildata.attachments(4)}}
{{maildata.time(5)}}{{maildata.from(5)}}{{maildata.from name(5)}}{{}}{{ name(5)}}{{maildata.subject(5)}}{{maildata.body_file(5)}}{{maildata.attachments(5)}}

4. Advance Settings

a. Warning! Do not check [Delete after reading], this will delete emails from the server for both Read and Monitor operations.

b. Set [Mon Timeout Sec], otherwise the automation scenario will continue to wait until the time-out of the execution.

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