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Author: Irene Cho

Primary Features

  • Get the file/folder lists, upload and download the files from Dropbox


Create a Dropbox token

  1. Create apps in here:
  2. Go to App Console
  3. Generated access token with ‘No expiration’ 

Need help?

Technical contact to

May you search all operations,

Required Parameters

  • OP Type: File/Folder Lists, Upload Files and Download Files/Folder
  • Token: API Token from Dropbox

Optional Parameters

  • Files to Upload: An absolute file path to upload to Dropbox
  • Dropbox Folder Location: A folder location in Dropbox. The default location is ‘/’. 

e.g. /test/subfolder

  • Dropbox File Location: Multiple file locations in Dropbox. e.g. /test/subfolder/test.jpeg
  • Output Path: An absolute file path to save the files from Dropbox

OP Type



File/Folder Lists

Dropbox Folder Location

CSV with these columns:


*Folder metadata does not include the date and size

*The unit of size is bytes

Upload Files

Files to Upload


Dropbox Folder Location

Download Files/Folder

Dropbox Folder Location

CSV without columns

Dropbox File Location

Output Path

Example of the plugin in STU

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