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This function is one of Plugins Operation.You can find the movie in ARGOS RPA+ video tutorial.

Dialog Forms

Author: Irene Cho

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How to handle Double Byte Characters

To handle 2 byte characters such as Chinese with the Dialog series plugins on Windows, you must follow the steps below --- 

1) open Control panel
2) go to Clock and Region
3) go to Adniminstratives tab in the Region popup
4) click on the System Locale.... button
5) check to select Unicode UTF-8 for the system and apply
(warning)WARNING. Please note that this setting WILL cause character display problems with some of the local applications that are not UTF-8 compatible.


  • Text: Set the dialog text 
  • Timeout: Set dialog timeout in seconds
  • OK Label: Sets the label of OK button
  • Cancel Label: Sets the label of Cancel button
  • Title: Set the dialog title
  • Plain text field: Field name. Add a new entry in forms dialog
  • Password Field: Field name. Add a new password entry in forms dialog
  • Add Calendar: Calendar field name. Add a new calendar in forms dialog
  • Add List: List field and header name. Add a new list in forms dialog
  • List Values: List of values for list
  • Columns Values: List of values for columns
  • Show Header: Show the columns header
  • Date format: Set the format for the returned date
  • Separator: Set output separator character


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