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Data Plot I

Author: Irene Cho

Primary Features

  • You can create 4 types of plot using a given data: scatter, line, bar and pie plots
  • The plugin is based on matplotlib and pandas libraries in Python


Need help?

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Required Parameters

  • Plot Type: Scatter, Line, Bar and Pie
  • Excel File: Accept an excel file e.g., *.csv, *.tsv, *.xlsx, *.xls, *.xlsm
  • X Col[Range]: X column and range (In a pie plot, it is a default column)

e.g. age[1:3] => select the column ‘age’ from row 1 to 3

Advanced Parameters

  • Y Col[Range]: Y column and range
  • No Header: Specify if there is no header in the dataset (default is header included)
  • Sheet Name: Sheet name in an excel file
  • X Label: Label for X axis
  • Y Label: Label for Y axis
  • Scatter Points Size:  Size of the data points in a scatter plot
  • Plot Title: Title of a plot
  • Plot Size: Size of a plot with the format like ‘width, height’ by inches e.g. 5,5
  • Data Label: Legend labels
  • Pie Chart Labels: Legend labels for a pie chart. The number of labels is dependent on the number of data
  • Output Path: An absolute file path for output image. Default is ‘output.png’ which will be saved in the same folder of the given excel file
  • Encoding: Encoding of an excel file

Plot TypeRequired ParametersOutput
ScatterY Col[Range] 

An absolute file path for the output image

LineY Col[Range] 
BarY Col[Range] 

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