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Author: Taiki Shimasaki
This plugin will create a new file with various formats (extensions) which contents no data (blank files).

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1. When creating .xlsx, the max length of file name is 206 characters
2. Additionally to the length of file name, the entire file path including the file name must be less than 261.
3. When you want to set your own extension to your new file, please check INPUT[Other Extension(Adv)]  Please also refer to Advance parameters.

4. Newly added a feature to select Bot's behavior when the file already exists.
choices are
   - Return error and fail the bot
   - Add (n) at the end of the filename and continue
   - Overwrite
   - Do not create a file and do not return error

5. Newly added a feature to handle illegal filenames.
choices are
   - Return error and fail bot
   - make correction and continue (COM0 and LPT0 can not be corrected)

6. timestamp options are added.
choices are
   - add at the front
   - add at the end
   - do not add (default)

7. User Defined Extension will be used in conjunction with INPUT[Other Extension(Adv)]

8. Cannot use the following special character in the Excel Sheetname.
`\, ', *, /, :, ?, [, ], ’, ', *, /, :, ?, [, \, ], ¥`

Files with following eight (8) extensions can be created.

  1. .txt
  2. .docx
  3. .xlsx
  4. .pptx
  5. .csv
  6. .log
  7. .xml
  8. .html

Options --- there are three (3) more optional features

  1. A file with a user defined extension can be created.
  2. A timestamp (system time data) can be added to the filename.
  3. Sheet name can be changed/specified (this option is good only for .xlsx files.



  • Path for a folder o store the new file
  • File name
  • Extension


  • Timestamp to be added to the file name
  • User defined extension
  • Sheet name (.xlsx only)
  • Sheetname Length

    - Select what to do when the sheet name exceeds 31 characters

    - "Cut to 31 char": Cut off the end of the exceeded number of characters and make it 31 characters.

    - "Return Failure": Causes the system to fail.

Output/Return Value

  1. Choose [String]
  2. Full path to your new file will be returned.

How to set parameters

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