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Convert Image II

Author: Taiki Shimasaki


This plugin does the format conversion of an image file such as .jpg to .png.


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  • Full file path of the source image file. The file type will be auto detected. (If undetectable the plugin fails.)
  • Destination folder to store the new image file after conversion. File name will be same as the source image file by default (you can change the file name with optional input)
  • Target file type. Default is .png. Other choices are:
    - .jpg
    - .bmp
    - .gif

Optional Input

  • File name
  • File name validation feature (When “Sanitize” is selected unusable characters will be deleted and a underscore _ will be added at the end of the file name.)
  • Procedure choice when the target file (filename) already exists

Output/Return Value

  • The full file path of the converted file

Result Codes

  • 0 for successful execution
  • 1 for all non-successful execution


How to set parameters

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