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This function is one of Plugins Operation.You can find the movie in ARGOS RPA+ video tutorial.


Author: Jerry Chae

This plugin inputs to and output from the Windows Clipboard. It is NOT 100% equivalent to CTRL_C and CTRL-V in Windows. It can only handle text data. No image data can be handled. This plugin stores data into the Windows Clipboard and it outputs the stored data onto the selected Return Value. (String, CSV, or File)

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When Clipboard plugin gives you "Access is denied" error message, please set retry time in the advanced option parameter section. It is known that the clipboard feature in the Windows system sometimes locks the resources and blocks accesses. By setting retry time, the Clipboard plugin will patiently wait until Microsoft decides to release the resources.

Operations and Parameter Settings

1. Copy

 Text from Image   

2. Paste

 Text from Image   

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