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Chatwork GetMessage

Author: Taiki Shimasaki


Chatwork is a group communication application mostly used in Japan. This plugin accesses Chatwork accounts and extracts messages.




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Required Input

  • API Token
  • Chat Room ID
  • l  Number of messages to retrieve

Optional Input

  • Key Name
    • When Key Name is not specified the output is in JSON format. By specifying the Key Name values, you can selectively extract contents within JSON
    • Key Names are

①  message_id

②  account

③  body

④  send_time

⑤  update_time

  • Target
    • Last 100 messages: outputs 100 latest messages
    • Since last time: outputs only the new messages from the last access

Output/Return Value

  • JSON output for String, CSV, and File
    • When multiple messages are included line change is added at the end of one message ID. Likewise, multiple lines are returned when Key Names are specified.

Result Codes

  • 0 for successful execution
  • 1 for all non-successful execution


How to set parameters

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