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This function is one of Verification Operation. You can find the movie in ARGOS video tutorial.

Case Decision

Author: Jerry Chae


This plugin brings more smartness to your bot --- It features a decision-making mechanism based on multiple datapoints. It takes one or many statements (expressions) as input. It computes and summarizes which statements are True and returns the summary as output. This not only replaces conventional “if-then-else” sequence in coding but also introduces capabilities to reach decisions after considering various conditions.


Up to version 3.916.1000, the total number of characters in the Expression section cannot exceed 256.

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Input (Required)

  • Expression --- at least one

Output/Return Value

  • Character String of Index(s) of the TRUE expressions
  • When there is no TRUE expression, the plugin returns 0


How does it work? A simplified example is below.


  1. Product is Apple
  2. Product is Wine
  3. Origin is Washington
  4. Origin is Oregon

When you have an apple from Washington, you receive [1,3]

When you have a wine from California, you receive [2]

When you have an orange from Florida, you receive [0]


Numeric value can be used!

Both integer and float values can be used in the expression statements

Integer: 1, -2

Float: 12.34, -1.23, .0001

Values a automatically and intelligently converted into appropriate type at the time of execution.

If String is compared against numeric values, then the numeric values will be regarded as string. 

Supported Formats


Note 1) It is optional to have one space before/after an operator (a symbol between values).

Note 2) If a variable is empty, then [{{my.a}} !=] will return TRUE. However, [{{my.a}}== ] returns false because there is a space after ==.


Equal To

String = String

Numeric = Numeric

String == String

Numeric == Numeric

Not Equal To

String != String

Numeric != Numeric

String <> String

Numeric <> Numeric

Greater Than

String > String

Numeric > Numeric

Greater Than or Equal To

String >= String

Numeric >= Numeric

Smaller Than

String < String

Numeric < Numeric

Smaller Than or Equal To

String <= String

Numeric <= Numeric

Find String

Use 2 vertical bars ||  --- example --- StringToFind || StringToMatchWithWildcard

Wildcard is * (asterisk)

Starts with
abc___def || abc*

Ends with
abc***def || *def

abc*zzz*def || *zzz*

Starts and Ends with
abc-zzz-def || abc*defReturn Code

Return Value

Index (1-base) of the True expression


            3 --- if only the 3rd expression is true

            2,3 --- if the 2nd and the 3rd expressions are both true\

            They can be stored in String, CSV, or File

Return Code

0          Execution Successful

1          The table is not included in PDFfile

9          All other responses from the plugin  

Parameter Settings Examples

Example 1

Text from Image

Example 2

Text from Image