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This function is one of Action Operation. You can find the movie in ARGOS video tutorial.

Call Function

Author: Brad Kim


This operation calls a Function within a bot and brings back the process to its original position after execution of the Function.


Call Function operation assumes that you have separately designed and built function(s) under the Function tab on STU within the bot.

Phenomenon: If you "disable" the first operation in Function (the operation at the top), the bot will crash.

Workaround: none

Fix: This will be fixed in November 2020.

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What is a Function?

Function is a set of operations and plugins that are put together as one-group to execute a specific sub process within the whole process. Functions are often utilized to improve design and maintenance efficiency when a specific process must be executed multiple times in one large process (bot).

All Operations and Plugins can be used in Function

Like Steps, Functions have a timeline on which you line-up your Operations and Plugins. In Functions, you can use all tools from the STU toolbox.

Nested Functions are fully supported.

You can have a Call Function inside a function that calls for another function. However, Call Function is designed to prohibit “recursive” calls which means calling of the mother function from the daughter function which was originally called by the mother function.

Go To operation inside Function

When used in a function, Go To operation can only go to another operations inside the function.

Repeat loop can be included in a Function

Note that the {{rp.index}} variable in Repeat operation is intelligently maintained independently even when a Repeat loop calls for a Function which contains another Repeat loop.

All variables are shared by Steps and Functions.

Within one bot, all pre-defined and user-defined variables are shared among Steps and Functions.

Required Input

  •  Choose the function name from the pull-down menu



Operation Output


Result Handler

Call Function operation gives you a feature to implement “conditional branching” depending on the success or failure of the function execution.


Here is how “Result Handler” works in the Call Function operation.

Function Error will be executed only when “AbortAsFunctionError” result is sent back from any one of the verification tools inside the function.

These verification tools will have an option to return “AboartAsFunctionError” only when they are deployed in a Function.

End Function will be executed for everything else (except when AbortAsError has happened in a Function – then the bot will stop)

 How to set parameters.

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