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Co-Authors: Irene Cho / Jerry Chae



This plugin simply converts a CSV file to Excel (.xlsx) file.  It is only one-way conversion.

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Required Input

  • One CSV file


Optional Input

  •  Output folder/file name --- if you leave this unchecked, output file will be created in the same folder as the source CSV file with the same name except for the extension.
  •  Cell/Range --- this option can be checked if you wish to convert numeric value of the CSV data into some specific format after conversion to an Excel file.
  •  Format --- this option used together with the Cell/Range option. You can choose the format from the pull-down menu. Please make sure the source CSV data is a string of 0 to 9.
     - More explanations at this link.
  •  Encoding option – select encoding format if different from UTF-8
  •  List format --- when this option is checked the Return Value will contain the list of Format from the pull-down menu above.


Output/Return Value

  •  A full file path of the output Excel (.xlsx) file



How to set parameters


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Return Code

0Execution successful
1Execution failed

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