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Bot Collabo

Author: Jerry Chae

This plugin is based on the API from Redis, an open source project for in-memory structured data storage solution.

This plugin allows multiple bots to share and access common data storage that holds value independent from bot-operations. Structures include list, stack, queue, hash, and simple storage.

This plugin can be used for designing bots-as-team automation and/or exception handling scheme.

Need help?

Technical contact to

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How to set up Bot Collabo in-memory storage (Redis server)..

Please refer to following links,

1. Windows

2. Linux

3. For Windows 10 users
 Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is a great option to run both Windows and Linux simultaneous on your PC.

To install WSL, visit this website.

To install Linux, visit this link.

Installation of Redis server is described here.

Once the installations of all of the above is done, run your Linux and look for the directory you have install the Redis-Server. Then type command [redis-server] to start the server!

Your Bot Collabo is now ready to go.

Data Structure and Commands


Return Value
Bot CollaboRedis
SimpleSETSETAdd one value in storagevalue
GETGETRetrieve value(s) from storagevalue
EXISTEXISTSFind out if value is in storagetrue/false
DELETEDELDelete value from storagetrue/false
ListLIST-AppendRPUSH/LLENCombine listslength of list
LIST-SetLSET/LLENAdd value to listtrue/false
LIST-GetLINDEXRetrieve value(s) from listn-th value from list
LIST-RemoveLREM/LLENDeleve value from listlength of list
LIST-LengthLLENObtain length of listlength of list
SetSET-AddSADD/SCARDAdd value to setsize of set
SET-RemoveSREM/SCARDDelete value from setsize of set
SET-IsMemberSISMEMBERConfirm set includes the valuetrue/false
SET-LenthSCARDObtain size of set (# of values)size of set
HashHASH-SetHSETSet key, value pair in a hashtrue/false
HASH-GetHGETGet value with key in a hashhash value
HASH-DeleteHDELDelete key, value pair in a hashtrue/false
HASH-ExistsHEXISTSCheck if a key exists in a hashtrue/false
QueueQUEUE-PushRPUSH/LLENAdd value to the end of queuelength of queue
QUEUE-PopBLPOPGet value from the top of queuevalue
QUEUE-LengthLLENObtain length of queuelength of queue

How to set parameters

  1. For Simple, List, Set, and Queue.

    Text from Image

  2. For Hash.

Text from Image

Return Code

0Execution successful
1Execution failed

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