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Adv Email Send

Author: Jerry Chae

This plugin uses SMTP settings and sends emails.

(info) Must REPLY to an email in automation? Click here for how to set up a reply email.

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Technical contact to

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Required Input

  • SMTP host name
  • Senders email address
  • Password
  • Send-to email address
  • Subject
  • Email body
  • Encryption settings  Default is SSL is used.

Additional Features

  1. Multiple recipients.
  2. CC and BCC settings are available with multiple recipients.
  3. You may send HTML email body.
  4. You may attach one or more files.

Output/Return Value

  • String should be chosen.
  • OK or successful execution Not OK for unsuccessful execution.

How to set parameters

    • 1. Put SMTP host server info here.
    • 2. Senders email address here.

    • 3. Senders password here.

    • 4. Put the subject of email here.

    • 5. Send-to email address here.

    • 6. You can directly write contents.

    • 7. Or you can register a file to be inserted as the email body.

    • 8. File type can be either .txt or .html.

    • 9. Attachment here.

    • 10. Check if TLS (SMARTTLS) is used.

    • 11. Check if SSL is NOT used.

    • 12. CC and BCC email addresses (multiple recipients are OK).

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