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When you save a scenario as 'Save to Server' in STU, it is automatically registered in this 'Scenario'. In 'Scenario', you can set a schedule and the activation of scenarios. You can also stop and delete scenarios.


  1. Scenario Overview
  2. Set Schedule
  3. Scenario Pause and Delete

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1. Scenario Overview

  • Save a Scenario with 'Save to Server' on STU.

  • The saved the scenario name has registered to 'Scenario' in Supervisor.
  • You can check Scenario Status(In use/Paused), the latest date registered(Update Date) and the number of PAM associated with the scenario.


Scenario STATUS Filter (In Use /Paused)

2. Set Schedule

 You can set the saved scenario schedule by clicking 'Set Schedule'.

  1. Scenario : A saved scenario. If you want to stop, click 'Scenario Pause'. All activities of the Scenario are on pause.
  2. PAM : If you have multiple PAMs registered, you make them to perform for a scenario. PAM registration is available in 'PAM' menu.('Individual' will be deleted.)
  3. Schedule Period : You can set the period time for running a scenario. If not set, the scenario will be operated 'Always'.
  4. Schedule Pause : You can set up multiple PAMs and schedules in one scenario. Checking the box makes the PAM schedule stop only, not the scenario itself.
  5. Schedule Cron Text : ref.
0 7 * * 1At 07:00 on Monday
0 */2 * * 3,5At 0 minutes past the hour / every 2 hours / only on Wednesday and Friday
30 0 * * 1-5At 30 minutes past the hour / at 0:00 / Monday through Friday

  • When you register a scenario schedule, it is also added to 'Schedules' menu at the same time. Adding schedule is also available in 'Schedules'.

3. Scenario Pause and Delete

Not only scenarios and schedules can be paused in 'Set Schedule', but also you can stop, re-run and delete the scenarios by clicking the action icons.


If you save a scenario 'Save to Server' or 'Save as... to Server' only in STU, deleting the scenario in Supervisor, the scenario will be deleted permanently.

Separately, we recommend saving a scenario to your local PC as 'Save as.'