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You can add or remove plugins of STU. (warning) Plugins added in Supervisor are automatically installed in the STU, and you can check the added plugin by rerunning the STU.


  1. Marketplace
  2. My Plugin
  3. Private
  4. Purchase History

Need help?

Technical contact to

1. Marketplace

The list of paid plugins. You can purchase and use your favorite features. You can check the list of plugins purchased here in 'Purchase History'.

The Plugin item shows its version, supported OS types, summary description of the plugin.

When you click 'Buy now' button, you will see the purchase popup. 

ARGOS RPA + supports 'Stripe' payment system. Enter your payment card numbers and proceed with your purchase.

2. My Plugin

List of available plugins. It shows the default plugins and paid plugins at once. Swipe ON and OFF. it is automatically added to STU. 

"?" mark provides a short description of the plugin as a tool tip.

For more information, click 'Show details' in the 'Description' area of the plugin.

If STU was running, run it again. You can see the added plugins in STU.

3. Private Plugin

This is for Python developers and operators. If you are a Python developer, you can download ARGOS POT(Python-to-Operations Tools) SDK to create and register your own feature.

  • Name: Enter a descriptive name for the plugin you want to register.(e.g Excel macro)
  • URL: Enter the private SDK Store URL. (warning) Must see.
  • User: The user account of ARGOS RPA is filled in automatically.
  • Password: Enter your password.
  • Enabled: If checked, it can be registered and used in STU. 

4. Purchase History

You can check the plugin purchase history and detailed information.

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