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You can check the latest history of the scenarios performed through Job History. When you click the scenario, you can check the detailed performance history.


  1. Job History Overview
  2. Job details

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1. Job History Overview

You can click on the date at the top to set the date range to retrieve the history of the scenarios that PAM has run during that time period.

In addition to specifying the period, you can quickly check the registered scenarios, PAMs' information and the status of the scenario by using the condition filter at the top.

  • SCENARIO: You can see the all scenarios you registered. You can select a scenario and check only the list you want.
  • PAM: You can see the all PAMs you registered. You can select a PAM and check only the list you want.
  • STATUS: You can see the list of success and failure separately.

  • Scenario - Shows the scenario where PAM is registered among the scenarios saved in Supervisor.
  • PAM - Shows the information of the PAM assigned to the scenario.
  • Start Time -You can see when the scenario starts.
  • Exec. Time - You can see the total time from start to end of the scenario.
  • Status - Based on the results of the scenario, you can check the success or failure of the schedule.
  • Misc -  You can check the name of the last operation and result of the scenario.

2. Job Details

Job Details pops up when you click the item in Status.

  • Time : The scenario start time
  • PAM : The PAM name that performs the scenario.
  • Scenario : The Scenario name registered when saving the scenario in STU.
  • Exec.Time : The time spent the scenario execution.
  • Status : The results of the scenario are shown as successes or failures.
  • Misc : You can check the result of scenario's last operation with Screenshot.