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   Release notes for the official ARGOS LABS releases. Each release note will tell you what’s new in each version, and will also describe any backwards-incompatible changes made in that version. These release notes summarize the new features, resolved and known issues, and compatibility. Need help? Contact to

  • 'Scenario Studio'(a.k.a 'STU') is a build tool for a RPA bot.
  • 'Process Automation Module(a.k.a 'PAM') is a software agent to run a bot.

Release Notes

New Features

  • NEW Case Action. Use with Case Decision.
  • NEW Added a refresh button to update the timeline at the bottom right of the Timeline section.

  • NEW Added a enlarge/shrink button to Variables.

    Auto Shrink
    when losing a focus

  • NEW Added a number to Function name as a prefix
  • NEW Added a keeping of RDP Session menu to ARGOS Tray

  • NEW Added RDP Session maintenance program start option when starting tray in Tray Setting menu


  • CHANGED UI improvement to display the number on the left side of the input box of multiple input (array type) properties ( plugin properties)
  • CHANGED Changed the step number of the step list to be displayed in a UI similar to the operation list
  • CHANGED Improved so that variables can be used in Plugin Notification messages 
  • CHANGED Improved so that wildcard characters can be used in file names in Delete File of SystemCall


  • FIXED Fixed the problem that the step number is not updated immediately after changing the step order 
  • FIXED Fixed the problem that 0 could not be entered in the Number type item of the plug-in properties 
  • FIXED Fixed the problem that the same setting value is filled when setting "PDF file" properties of a PDF SplitMerge and selecting another PDF SplitMerge
  • FIXED Fixed the problem that folder selection and input of folder monitor operation did not work properly 
  • FIXED Fixed the problem that the target operation of the Goto action was not displayed in the function
  • FIXED In a bot in which Goto and Repeat are used, a partial selection other than the first operation is selected and the operation is moved to another location other than the operation set during testrun, and the problem is fixed 
  • FIXED When using a plugin within a function, if the Resultcode handler is not processed, the problem that the branch statement used before calling the function works incorrectly 
  • FIXED In the process of converting an input value to a value to which a variable has been applied, if the input value uses only blank values, it is changed to an empty value.
  • FIXED Fixed a problem that an error occurred in the process of closing the PAM status window after completing the bot operation

New Features

  • NEW Make some frequently used "environment variables" as built-in global variable in STU.

  • NEW Import Steps (STU) includes functions and variables.

  • NEW WebDriver updates following milestones in Edge release. Automatic update detection by PAM.
    Added chrome(v94) , edge(v94, v95) driver files.


1st patch on Oct 14  (PAM R21.0916.40)

  • CHANGED the success condition of the plugin execution result.
    • Before: return code value of the plugin is 0 and empty contents of an errorlog file
    • After: return code value of the plugin is 0. (do not check an errorlog file)
  • CHANGED Agent's Alive Time in the PAM Manager is changed from 20 seconds to 30 seconds.


  • FIXED Fixed the problem that when using Alt+F4 option in Kill Process, it does not work if there is no value in the Process name item
  • FIXED Fixed a problem that detailed error contents were not displayed when plugin operation failed in test run
  • FIXED Fixed a problem that the version information in the Add/Remove Programs list was not updated after STU/PAM update
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where when passing plugin parameters, the value was passed incorrectly if there were only double quotation marks at either the beginning or the end
  • FIXED Fixed the problem that Agent is terminated by PAM Manager when Delay value is used as a variable
  • FIXED Fixed the problem that PAM was not applied even if the schedule was paused in Supervisor

New Features

  • NEW  Added “XPath” option to “HTML Action”. You can make a bot to navigate web site more easily.
    To use it, you should install new “ARGOS DOM” extension first.
    You can find it from Chrome Store:
  • NEW  Added additional shortcut keys to STU

    Shortcut Keys


    Ctrl + Alt + O

    Open Supervisor (goto Supervisor web page)

    Ctrl + Tab

    Toggle between Steps ↔ Functions

    Ctrl + F

    Open “Search” in Timeline and highlight the matching keyword.

    Ctrl + Alt + F

    Open FAQ (goto FAQ page)

    Ctrl + Alt + C

    Open Chrome browser with specified window size

    Ctrl + Alt + I

    Open IE browser with specified windows size

    Ctrl + Alt + E

    Open Edge browser with specified windows size

  • NEW  Added “Close by Alt + F4” option to “Kill Process

1st patch on Sep 7 (PAM R21.0826.30)

  • NEW WebDriver supports for Edge 93


1st patch on Sep 7 (PAM R21.0826.30)

  • CHANGED Remove resolution limit when PAM runs a bot 


  • CHANGED  Improvement of “Update Launcher” UI and fixed issue when a windows account is CJK character.Now, Update Launcher is working well even when the Windows account is CJK.
  • CHANGED STU manages the official repository and private repository plugin lists into one.

  • CHANGED You can set the “for duration of (FixTime)” value of Motion Detection in msec unit.
    (ex) You can write “0.5” for 500 msec.

  • CHANGED When using the Detect motion option of Motion Detection, instead of using “for duration of (FixTime)” value, it is changed to recognize as a success state immediately when the image changes. .


  • FIXED Fixed memory leak of STU/PAM
  • FIXED Fixed the problem that some plug-in “Properties” are automatically filled in
  • FIXED Fixed the problem that the textbox of setVariable becomes too large when the windows scale is 100% and above.

New Features

  • NEW New Shortcut keys - CTRL+d, SHIFT+F5, Tab added on Timeline

  • NEW Set up a user password when saving a bot as a file. Use "File > Save to file with password" menu.

1st patch on June 25, 2021 ( STU R21.0610.90 , PAM R21.0610.50 )

  • NEW Added new option to "Java Script"

2nd patch on July 8, 2021 (PAM R21.0610.60)

  • NEW If the input_type of the plug-in is base64, when the plug-in is executed, it is internally transmitted as a base64 character.


  • CHANGED Changed so that STU is not executed with message popup when FIPS policy is enabled. Turn off FIPS policy to use STU.
  • CHANGED In "Send email", use the Tab key to move to next "Properties" entry box.


  • FIXED  Fixed an error that occurred when selecting the 20th history when 20 histories were accumulated 
  • FIXED  Fixed a problem that the  (HELP) button was not displayed depending on the plug-in version.

2nd patch on July 8, 2021 (PAM R21.0610.60)

  • FIXED  Fixed an error that occurred when password input was omitted when using “Send Email” Plugin

New Features

  • NEW Added option to remove double quotes when saving results from JavaScript actions
  • NEW Rollback of "Make EXE" and added a new export option "ebot"

  • NEW Coin and payment icon added to Paid plugin  ( for "Plugin Marketplace" )
  • NEW Added a feature to regularly report PAM status to Supervisor. You can see the status in "Report >PAM  Status" menu of SV.


  • CHANGED Grouping of official plugins

  • CHANGED The "file/folder" path used in the previous plugin properties will be the default path for the file/folder dialog in the next plugin.

  • CHANGED When Redistributable Package or .NET Framework is installed during STU install, a message window recommending restarting the PC is displayed.


  • FIXED an error that OpenCV related libraries are not found.

  • FIXED an issue when opening a bot containing a missing plug-in version, it is not changed to a usable version. Added to show a help message window.
  • FIXED an issue in which skipping was canceled if the operation value was edited after selecting an operation and pressing the skip button
  • FIXED an incorrect message that appeared when "Test Run" failed because the PAM Manager service was not running.

New Features

  • NEW Create ebot - Build bot files that run independently and are more secure.

  • NEW Shows Progress bar when you use "Save to/Load from Supervisor, Save to file, Create eBot".
  • NEW Shortcut keys added to STU. You can edit your bot more easily using keyboard shortcuts.


  • CHANGED Bot architecture is changed more secured format. 

    Important Notes

    Bots created on the new STU cannot be opened on the old STU.

    If you see the message below when running STU, you must first upgrade your STU/PAM to the latest version.

  • CHANGED When the window scale is changed, the text or textbox overlaps so that it is not hidden.
  • CHANGED Changed so that the launcher is also terminated when the STU is terminated.
  • CHANGED Added new WebDriver for Crhome v89 and Edge v89
  • CHANGED When creating a bot with Auto Recording, the text input method is changed from TypeText to Shortcutkey.


  • FIXED Fix so that PAM Manager does not terminate PAM Process while downloading bot file

1st patch on Apr 8, 2021 (STU R21.0318.140, PAM R21.0318.30)

  • FIXED Fixed an error that occurred when loading a bot without a thumbnail image from the server multiple times

  • FIXED Fixed an issue where when using "TextInput" operation with the Paste option, the next operation could fail. ( Not releasing the control PAM )
  • FIXED.Modified to remove the newline character when getting a plug-in result as a String type.(ex: "File Monitor" plug-in)
  • FIXED.Fixed an error that the array variable with an index can not save the results. 
    Error occurred under the below conditions:

    • HTML Action when using 'js event' property with getText and getAttributeValue options

    • Java Script when setting "Save script result to variable"

    • When using the'Read/Write' property as'Read' option in "Excel Basics"

    • When the data type of  result value is specified as a string or a file in Plugins

  • FIXED Fixed an error that occurred when trying to run a "On Demand" task when the PAM manager service was turned off.

New Features

  • NEW "View Variables" for inspection of the operation values
  • NEW "Indentation" of Properties
  • NEW Added "Memo" tab to keep track of information that makes the bot easier to understand.
  • NEW Added getText, getAttributeValue to JS event of HTMLAction
  • NEW PAM shows the progress icon when a bot is running. The location of the progress windows at PAM Tray settings.


  • CHANGED If the operation "Description" in the Timeline is too long, it will be displayed as "...."


  • FIXED  Fixed the problem that My Documents path was selected every time when opening a file of plugin properties.

  • FIXED Fixed a problem where the cursor moved to the end when the mouse was clicked to edit text in the file open text input field.

Release Notes (Previous Versions)

New Features

  • NEW "Send performance log" of STU/PAM to analyze the starting speed. You can turn on/off at ARGOS RPA Service Tray > Settings > Send performance log..

New Features

  • NEW Auto fill of the ‘Operation name’
  • NEW Added vertical scrollbar to multiline textbox and allow ‘Enter’ key
    • Test Run UI improvements
      • Orange (Failure) Bot failure for any reason except verification.
      • Red (Error) the result of any Verification Operation is Abort As Error.
      • Blue (Success) No error
    • Operation selection speed improvements in STU


  • CHANGED Display 'Failure' and 'Error' differently in ‘Test Run UI 
    • Orange (Failure) Bot failure for any reason except verification.
    • Red (Error) the result of any Verification Operation is Abort As Error.
    • Blue (Success) No error
  • CHANGED Operation selection speed improvements in STU
  • CHANGED The account used for PAM registration is not case sensitive.
  • CHANGED Changed to display the current PAM version in the log regardless of whether the PAM Service Tray is running.
  • CHANGED Changes to the latest Web driver for Chrome & Edge (included in the 2nd patch on Dec 22)

   3rd patch on Jan 7, 2021 ( PAM R20.1126.60 )

  • CHANGED Bot start time improvements. Unless the bot is changed, in the case of a bot that has already been executed, the bot can be saved in the local PC and executed without downloading from the server.

  • CHANGED Bot start time improvements. Reuse the last vENV path for each bot.

  • CHANGEDWhen selecting a file as a plugin result handler, the file is saved without a variable setting.

4th patch on Jan 14, 2021 ( STU R20.1126.80 )

  • CHANGED Term : New (Manual Recording)New (Manual Development) in STU

  • CHANGED Changed so that images are not copied while making a operation history

  • CHANGED Added a time data, and changes the sort to time descending order in History

  • CHANGED Added timestamp acquisition function to analyze STU start time.(optional)

5th patch on Jan 20, 2021 (PAM R20.1126.80 )

  • CHANGED  Unstoppable PAM
    – Even if PAM is not connected to the SV, PAM can run your bot using a locally stored bot on your usual schedule.. (Max 7 days). 


  • FIXED Fixed a problem that the Help icon is not displayed when the plugin version is changed
  • FIXED Fixed an issue that occurred when 'var' was included in the JavaScript input.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where '&' is not displayed in DIalog
  • FIXED Waiting for PAM to stop pop up never goes away (included in the 1st patch on Dec 10)
  • FIXED When duplicate the "Text Match" and change it to "Locate Image", the click point does not appear. (included in the 1st patch on Dec 10)
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the PAM Manager terminated the RPA Bot process if the time changes while the scenario is running.(included in the 2nd patch on Dec 22)
  • FIXED Fixed a problem in which the scheduled bot that queued in Task Queue late works first. (included in the 2nd patch on Dec 22)

4th patch on Jan 14, 2021 ( STU R20.1126.80 )

  • FIXED Fixed a problem that slows down after repeated 'Minimize → Restore → Minimize (repeat)' of STU window.

  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the plugin was displayed as the latest version when opening a bot containing a lower version of the plugin

New Features

  • NEW Added a version selection into Private Plugin
  • NEW Added a result code handler into 'Properties' of plugin.
    Now you can do conditional jumps based on the result of the plugin.

From PAM R20.1105.30 

  • NEW Added new Logs
    • Actual rp.index value
    • Adds information about which Windows object maintains focus when the Operation is executed.
      • Target Op: TextInput, SelectWindow, LocateImage, MouseClick, (it will be added 'Shortcut Keys', too)
      • Output information: title, class name, process name


  • CHANGED Changed the color of progress bar on the right side of the status bar in STU
  • CHANGED Changed the name of the save menu in STU's File

    save assave to file
    save to Server save to Supervisor
    save as... to Serversave to Supervisor as New bot
  • CHANGED Changed the default delay of holding the key due to a problem that sometimes does not work when using the paste option in Textnput

  • CHANGED Changed to run 'Test Run' even when PAM Manager service status is 'Suspend'

From PAM R20.1105.30 

  • CHANGED Change the log output format in password format to "*****" 
    • Plugin input box: When selecting the password input format or using a variable
    • When using a variable in the password field of sendEmail


  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the bottom of some characters is cut off in Japanese / English.
  • FIXED Fixed a problem that the result of 'Function' operation could not be displayed on the 'Test Run' result screen

  • FIXED Fixed a problem where screenshots could not be uploaded when the bot is ran with Windows Task Scheduler.  (Retry when upload fails)

From PAM R20.1105.30 

  • FIXED For Edge Browser. Even if the status of the running browser  is in a suspend state before OpenBrowser , a new browser is opened and the bot can be executed.

  • FIXED Fixed a problem in which the browser used by OpenBrowser was forcibly changed to chrome during the PAM registration process.

New Features

  • NEW  Added "Function". You can define a bunch of operations as  "Function" and you can call by using 'Call Function' operation.That process jumps to a specific function, and when the function's operation is complete, it returns to the next operation of the 'Call Function'. Also, 'Call Function' could be used as a nested architecture.
  • NEW  Added a new option "ClearVariables" to "Set Variables". 
  • NEW  You can use your UserVariable as Index value in 'Repeat'.
  • NEW  Added a new option  'SendKeys' to HTMLAction
  • NEW  Added Edge browser to browsers that can be used w/ Open Browser. You can select a browser in PAM Service Service > Settings. (added PAM R20.1015.10)


  • CHANGED The process by which PAM uploads the resulting image to the server is split into standalone programs.(added PAM R20.1015.10)


  • FIXED In Set Variables, when a variable with a different group name and the variable selected in the variable selection window is directly entered, the variable is not set.
  • FIXED Fixed a problem that Bot operation fails when the first operation of the first step is changed to Disable state
  • FIXED Fixed a problem in which one character was removed at the end when there was no value in the option to remove the text before and after the text as a result of OCR


  • CHANGED STU starting performance is improved. Changed to import plugin list after executing STU
  • CHANGED Select a plugin version (The plugin version previously used to build the bot doesn't change automatically.)
  • CHANGED Fixed the location of the operation search box.
  • CHANGED  Add 'Language Hint' to "Google OCR"
  • CHANGED Plug-in operation completion notification function (displayed as a tray message when a plug-in operation is done )
  • CHANGED Added a new Input method option to ShortcutKeys (RDPSupport, SendInput )
  • CHANGED Added an option to save image during 'Test Run'
  • CHANGED Changed an icon image size of PAM Tray. ( 128 x 128 → 64 x 64 )


  • FIXED Fixed the problem of sorting icons alphabetically
  • FIXED Fixed the problem that the initial value of dialog properties was incorrectly entered
  • FIXED Fixed an issue of not getting a focus when using Open Browser


  • CHANGED Added "Close browser automatically" option to Open Browser.
    After the Open Browser operation ends, it is possible for the Browser to remain open.

  • CHANGED Result Handler name changes

  • CHANGED Added link to "Create Support Request" (mailto:  & "Learn about Return value" to Official Plugin

  • CHANGED  When selecting or moving an operation in the Timeline (Operation List), to prevent it from going into an infinite waiting state, the list is not clicked until an STU response is received.
  • CHANGED Delete temporary picture files 2 days after the end of STU
  • CHANGED Improvement of XPath search function of Windows Object


  • FIXED When saving a bot, a notification message is displayed if there is nothing to save.

New Features

  • ADDED Added an On/Off option that "Chrome is being controlled by automatic test software" message that appears or not when "OpenBrowser" starts


  • CHANGED Improved “Kill Process” - Getting the process ID automatically by mouse Drag&Drop gesture.
  • CHANGED The speed when bots are saved is improved.
  • CHANGED Removed the step asking STU to run at the end of the STU installation process.
    Eliminates administrative rights issues for STU installer


  • FIXED Fixed the ‘Recovery page’ pop-up not to be displayed when 'OpenBrowser’ starts
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where ‘Repeat’ operation were duplicated in loop if other operations were selected above and below of ‘Repeat’ and do ‘Duplicate’ in repeat loop.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where ‘moving to’ or ‘copying to’ another step with the auto-selected state after duplicate an operation
  • FIXED Fixed an issue that popped up when clicking the screenshot area when there was no screenshot
  • FIXED Fixed an issue requesting PAM registration again when network information changed.
  • FIXED Fixed to disable developer extension mode pop-up when Chrome is opened with OpenBrowser

New Features

  • ADDED ‘Click Text’ option to ‘OCR’ Op
    A function that recognizes a character in a range specified by OCR and clicks when the corresponding character exists
  • ADDED  an option that save return value of ‘JavaScript’ Op


  • CHANGED ‘Send Log’ UI (Calendar UI)

  • CHANGED plugin name to display only 2 lines (Tooltip support on mouse over)
  • CHANGED The default plugin display order is alphabetical order.

    However, the plugin arrangement of the user who was using STU is not changed automatically because the saved view is already used.
    He/She can change it to ‘alphabetical order’ like this.

    1. Click a cog icon at the bottom of the “Operations” panel.
    2. Click “Restore Default” to return to alphabetical order
    3. Click a disk (=save) icon
    4. The icon order has now been changed to alphabetical order.



  • FIXED an issue that caused bots to stop running in 'RunProgram’.
    Moved to the next operation whether the results status of ‘RunProgram

New Features

  • ADDED Added the function to select a specific image using sequential index when there is the same OCR target image


  • CHANGED PPM (20200227-1200)
  • CHANGED STU Launcher

    • Run STU automatically when you log in.

    • Logout automatically when the STU ends.

    • Remove the Mobile/PC button

  • CHANGED Improved running performance of Plug-in Management Module (PPM)
  • CHANGED Run STU and PAM without ‘Administrative Authority’ (no need ‘Administrator rights’  )
  • CHANGED Improved UI:
    • STU Info
    • Group by’ of Operation list
    • Remove ‘Mobile/PC’ button in STU Launcher
  • CHANGED Stop the scenario during "Delay" operation


  • FIXED Fixed an issue where PAM was not updated when the PAM tray service  was on 
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where plugin is disabled when changing the icon settings (Internal feature)
  • FIXED Fixed an issue that scenario saving and operation list does not work when ‘Beep’ is moved to other step
  • FIXED Clicking the "Refresh" icon in the STU will restart the internal web service (the blank screen issue)


  • CHANGED  'Drag&Drop' to 'Context Menu' when copying / moving operations
    When :
    • Copy / move operation to another step
    • Make a duplication(copy) of operation 
  • CHANGED Variable setting UI 

  • CHANGED Results window UI of 'Test run'
  • CHANGED The arrow for displaying 'Loop' is displayed only when the relevant operation is selected.
  • CHANGED If a plug-in execution result fails, the plug-in error message is displayed on the result screen of 'Test Run'.


  • FIXED Fixes a problem where an error occurs when importing a step with no step selected
  • FIXED Fixes an issue with the 'PAM Manager' where the PAM process terminates unexpectedly or the next bot is not running.
  • FIXED Fixes a problem where a bot created on a screen whose 'Scale' is not 100% does not work properly
  • FIXED Fixed images to be saved only once in 'Repeat' loop
  • FIXED Fixes the problem of PAM version synchronization with PAM version displayed by Supervisor


  • CHANGED Reduced bot start time for “On-Demand“ by Supervisor.
  • CHANGED Change scenario status to 'Failure' when plug-in fails
  • CHANGED Reduced the launcher screen size to make it easier to see on small screen resolutions


    820 x 740800 x 640
  • CHANGED Delete the function of saving and uploading screenshots by step
                           (reduced the free disk space required for PAM)
  • CHANGED Write image file count on a log before uploading verification image


  • FIXED Fixes a problem where an error occurs when test run without setting a value in the plug-in.
                           (Scenario does not work and an empty result screen is displayed immediately.)
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where a ‘Test Run’ or On-Demand task would be killed before completion when running the PAM manager service.
  • FIXED Fixed a problem where SelectWindow is used as ‘Web’ type when using http: // or https: // for App Name.
  • FIXED Fixed a problem where PAM agent being killed by PAM Manager during plugin installation
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where an error occurred when Pam Tray was not connected to the server.
                            new “Can't connect to server" message pop-up appears.

New Features

  • ADDED  Mouse Triple click ( Select entire sentence ) to 'Windows Object" 


  • CHANGED Changed to the latest version of plugin management module (aka 'PPM')
  • CHANGED 'ARGOS RPA Service Tray' (aka 'PAM') registered as 'Auto started application' and always running for 'On-Demand by CHIEF'
  • CHANGED Remove 'Watcher service' from PAM tray menu
  • CHANGED In 'Excel Advance', 'Variable for file' changed to 'Filepath variable (required)'


  • FIXED In "File / Folder OP", an error that occurred when only 'Source File / Fol ...' was specified in the 'remove' option and 'Targer File / Folder' was not specified.
  • FIXED an error caused by incorrectly using 'UserParams' message name as a variable name
  • FIXED an error that the input value will be unusable when the 'Value' of 'TextInput' or 'Parameter' of 'HtmlAction' is encrypted 

New Features

  • ADDED  Mouse Triple click ( Select entire sentence )


  • CHANGED 'Skip' icon moved under '?' .
  • CHANGED New UI of ‘User Params’  ( added 'Title' & 'Message'  input box )

  • CHANGED Editing a variable in ‘Set Variables
  • CHANGED New Pop-up windows - After the STU terminates unexpectedly due to a crash, 
  • CHANGED restarting the STU will display a popup asking if the old bot should be loaded.
                            (If you have a temporary bot file)


  • FIXED Bug fixed: Disappearing image clip & search area box in 'Locate Image
  • FIXED  SelectWindow issue where only the taskbar area flickers without focusing when measuring schedule.

New Features

  • ADDED POT ( Python-to-Operation Tools on the Cloud ), Newer plugin management feature in ARGOS RPA+.

    RPA Plugins are managed on the Cloud repository. User can select plugins which they want to use their Bot. Under the new system, user can build their own Plugin and share on RPA marketplace or manage it in their private POT repository more freely.You can find all available and new plugins in 'Plugins' menu of CHIEF.

  • ADDED  Test run by Operation ( Right click on a mouse at the Operation list ).
    There are 3 options:
    • Operation Number: <Op No.>  : 'Test run' runs <Op No.> only.
    • Operation Number: <Op No.> ~ End of Step  : 'Test run' runs from <Op No.> to the end of step
    • Operation Number: <Op No.> ~ End of Scenario  : 'Test run' runs from <Op No.> to the end of scenario

  • ADDED 'XPath' to 'HTML Action'.

  • ADDED OCR image enlargement function added
  • ADDED 'First row contains column header' option to all plugin when using 'CSV' as a result type
    The first row of CSV result type is a header line by default. But, sometimes it has to be removed to use as an input data of the next operation.
    Now, user can select to use/remove the header line from the CSV results.
  • ADDED 'Send Logs' menu to 'ARGOS RPA Service Tray' menu


  • CHANGED Default location for saving scenario files to 'Documents' ( previously %appdata% )
  • CHANGED Variable selection combo box to remain unselected
  • CHANGED Whenever the plugin result processing type is changed, the variable selection is initialized.
  • CHANGED The default extension JSON has been changed to BOT when saving bots to local disk. BOT is an all-in-one file containing scenario files and screenshot images.


  •  FIXED A problem that sometimes the item list can not be updated when moving the step
  •  FIXED Terminate all child processes of PAM when 'Test Run' ends

New Features

  • ADDED Sending a STU log to Tech Support via E-Mail or from the launcher menu.

    MethodHow to SendDescription
    via E-Mail

    "Help >" in Top menu

    User must have an e-mail client that sends e-mail, such as Outlook. A new e-mail message editor window appears with the log file attached.

    From Launcher

    1) Click the right button of mouse on the Launcher icon,

    2) Choose 'Send Logs'

    3) Select a date you want to send
    (A date where the log file exists is displayed as Bold)

    4) Click 'Send logs'.

    The log file will be sent to the log collection server directly and will be notified to Tech Support for further analysis.


  • CHANGED Removed the default 0.5 sec pre-operation delay in Delay action.
  • CHANGED Reduced the file size 30% and above when saving bots.
  • CHANGED 'Movie' menu moved under 'Help' and links to new movie library.
  • CHANGED "Open RPA supervisor page" to "Supervisor" in 'Help


  • FIXED User can control the inter-character delay by using 'TypeText inter-character delay' value of PAM in 'Text Input' action. If the default value (100 ms) of 'Text Input' is not fit in your bot, you can control the text typing speed by using increase or decrease the delay.
  • FIXED Even if the STU Launcher is terminated, child processes still remain.
  • FIXED SelectWindow could not move a focus on 'CMD (prompt window)'.

New Features

  • ADDED Mobile CHIEF (Android App) released. You can download from Google Play store. IOS version is also coming soon.

  • To download, click here, 'ARGOS CHIEF '.

    ARGOS CHIEF provides:

    - Real-time monitoring – Provides Active and Completed Bots(Live Status)
    - Bot analytics – For higher Bot utilization & efficiency
    - Cloud or Premises
    - Bot Schedule management 
    - Log activity management
    - Alarms management

  • ADDED  'Search keyword'  in Top menu bar. You can search a keyword related documents from Wiki.
  • ADDED  'Benny's Secret Function (aka BSF)' added under 'Help'. It explains a variable system of ARGOS RPA+.


  • CHANGED Renew the code signing certificated. If you install from the scratch, please, read this, '"What is 'Windows Protected your PC' message?".
  • CHANGED the progress popup UI when starting STU. Also, the starting message has been further refined to 'Initializing' and 'Downloading Plugin'.



  • FIXED  an invisible problem when private plugin property values were saved and loaded
  • FIXED 'Object...' related error when saving without 'STEP' selection

New Features

  • ADDED New actions by Plug-in
Action NameICONGuideDescriptions
Window Object

  • find a specific windows object and do 'click' on that object.
    Its operation is very simlilar to `SelectWindow`,
    but this is more useful when images or object location to be compared often change.

  • Unconditional Go To
  • Jump to the specific Step and Operation
String Manipulation

  • Find/Relace/Split a word in a string or a text file with `Regular Expression`
  • Support operations: Find, Replace, and Split
Web Extract

  • scrap(extract) the web contents.
Data Conv

  • convert a file format among JSON, XML, CSV.
  • Supports CSV-to-TSV, CSV-to-_SV, JSON-to-XML, XML-to-JSON
  • csv2tsv: converts CSV to TSV (Tab-separated values) format
  • csv2_sv: converts CSV to a character separated values which you specify as 'Target separator'
  • json2xml / xml2json: converts JSON to XML format or vice versa


If you are updating from a version earlier than R19.0513, please do not use STU immediately after the update and restart STU completely and update to PAM as follows.

  1. Close the sign-in window to end STU execution
  2. Terminate 'STU Launcher' from Tray menu
  3. Restart STU
  4. Update a PAM if you see the update pop-up
  5. Enjoy RPA life with new STU & PAM !


New Features

  • ADDED  New actions by Plug-in - TTS, File Monitor, File/Folder Op, SSH Command 
Action NameICONGuideDescriptions
Text to Speech

  • Text-To-Speech Support using Google TTS engine
File Monitor

  • Monitor the status changes of folder by file operations such like create/delete/move.
    This is used to create a workflow that is triggered by file creation.
  • Get a file list and iterate process each file
    This is used to create a list of files, and use 'Repeat' to iterate through the files in the list.
File/Folder Op

  • Operation target: file or folder
  • Available operations: copy / move / remove
  • All operations include subfolders by default.
  • Advanced options:
    • Preserve: This will preserve the timestamp of source file/folder while copying / moving.
    • Symlink:
    • Update: This will overwrite when the timestamp of source file/folder is newer than destination
SSH Command

  • Connect to a *nix server using SSH
  • Run a simple CLI command and get the results
  • The returned results can be saved as an Array variable, and used in next operations.


  • ADDED PAM update check right after STU update
  • ADDED New stop hot-key (CTRL+ALT+C) for the “Auto Recording
  • ADDED Default bot file name when saving bot. 
  • ADDED New ‘Import Step’ under 'File' menu. This is used to copy a bot from another one.
  • ADDED New ‘SKIP’ operation.
                            Replacement for the DISABLED stamp / new icon & color, multiple operation selection support.


  • ADDED  ‘search keyword filter’ to ‘Schedule’, ‘Scenario-PAM status’, and ‘Job History’ in dashboard.


  • CHANGED  In ‘Scenario’ menu, ‘Update date’ is the default order.

New Features

  • ADDED 'CompareValues' action (if-then-else)

                - compare to return values or user variables and jump to another Operation or Step. 

  • ADDED  'Paste' option in 'TextInput' action
    - Mark on 'Check box' to use 'Paste' action.

  • ADDED Improved'Excel Advanced' action 
        - Added 'n x n'  selection & can use an excel formula 

    You can run in background mode without real MS Excel installation. 
    'Excel' action runs on OS X, Linux, also.

        (ex)  n x n data range selection, n x n data reverse, read/write from/to CSV format.

    MS Excel is still needed when a user wants to use 'Excel formula'.
    To support 'Excel formula', we need more time. For now, we have a half solution.

    ※ New Options
       - sheet: Name of the sheet to read (Default: the last saved-active-sheet is selected)
       - range: the range to read
       - reverse: redirect (convert vertical data to landscape)
      - big: All data in the selected sheet (not available with reverse option at the same time)
      - write: the file path to write to
      - write_sheet: the name of the sheet to write (Default: Sheet1)
      - write_cell: cell start position to write (Default: A1)


  • ADDED  Japanese language pack renewal
  • ADDED  'Rossum' API Support


  • CHANGED 'Excel' to 'Excel Basics'
  • DROPPED The 'User Module' obsoleted by the plugin system


  • CHANGED Re-fixed duplicate line feed when pasting using 'TextInput'. 
  • CHANGED Improved 'JSON Select' to select a data 

New Features
  • ADDED SQL support: MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle
  • ADDED ‘REST API’ action for RESTful API support.
    User can integrate their bot with various external REST API servers.
  • ADDED ‘JumptoStep’ to ‘Verifications’ group and ‘Dialogue’ action.
    With the ability to jump between steps, users can design workflow more freely.
  • ADDED ‘JSON Select’ for JSON data format support of SQL, REST API actions


  • FIXED Removed the duplicate Line Feed when pasting sentences using ‘TextInput’
  • FIXED An issue where the value of 'UserVariable' could not be edited in TextInput.
    User can add(edit) an index to the array variable.
    ex) Original value ‘{{Global.second}}’ could be re-written like ‘{{Global.second.index}}’ to specify the index of array variable.


  • CHANGED Version mismatch alert type between PAM and STU from a countdown pop-up to a simple information popup.
    User can close the window more faster.


  • FIXED: RunProgram fails to execute if the file path contains more than one space.
  • FIXED: Run OpenBrowser chrome with actual chrome's language settings.
                           ( Bug fixed - The language in the field when accessing the site is displayed in a different language from the scenario. )
  • FIXED: Fixed to save a file with .xlsx extension in 'My Document'
                            when specifying only filename instead of writing full path to file name when do 'write' operation in Excel.
                            ( ex ) filename.xlsx
  • CHANGED: Improved 'Excel' action performance 
                            When read / write, the method of opening and processing the Excel file for each item in the Excel operation is opened and processed once.
  • CHANGED: When you run Excel Read, the cell reads as the formatted value.
                          If formatting is applied to the cell at the time of Excel Read, it is corrected to read the formatted value.
                         ( ex )  Displayed cell value: 100 (format: %) => 'Read' as '100%'

'R19.0226' is the public release name.

Previous being used 'R19.0218' is the alpha version for internal testing.


  • Package name: R19.0226.10
  • CHANGED the links of 'Movie' menu
  • CHANGED 'Sign-In' screen from IE to Chrome
  • CHANGED 'Main menu'
  • Changed 'User variables setting' to 'User variables in Scenario' and moved it to 'Settings' menu
  • Moved the Recored related sub-menus to 'RUN' menu
  • Moved 'Options / SMTP' to 'Settings' menu
  • Added 'About ScenarioStudio' to check out the current version easily
  • CHANGED 'Test run' to run in user-specific folder
  • ADDED License checking logic in the closed network environment (On-Prem Only)


  • Package name: R19.0218
  • CHANGED Dropped 'Administration' permission for running PAM
  • CHANGED a schedule time based on UTC
  • CHANGED 'Test run' results file location to user-specific folder
  • CHANGED 'TextMatch' to use a variable at 'text' parameter
  • CHANGED SendEmail, If you specify a folder in the attachment, the file in the folder will be attached. (not included a sub folder)
  • CHANGED a mouse button action when LEFT-RIGHT button setup is swapped 
  • FIXED a schedule time calcuration logic 
  • FIXED 'SelectWindow' title would fail when it contained a regular expression symbol (ex. +).
  • FIXED a bug where SendEmail contained a blank address if there was a semicolon (;) at the end of the email recipient.


  • Changed the specific version name format: R18.<release date>



  • Click action integrated with SelectWindow
  • Changed the default delay to 500ms between actions.


  • Fixed a bug of TypeKeys (interval time issue)
  • Fixed a bug where Repeat action behavior would run once when the time exceeded 32768 seconds.
  • Fixed the problem that the item is specified incorrectly when using goto in Dialogue event (jump, backjump not yet developed)"
  • Fixed theme related UI issues



  • Crash due to 'Shortcut Key' event hooking 
  • Fixed an error when adding an new Action to an older scenario with no Item name



  • Add TextMatch verification function
  • Index can be used in LocateImage - image index
  • Index can be used in LocateImage - Loop matching image


New Features

  • Enhanced Excel Action
  • Ability to use Scenario Studio as license file without login (for on-Prem or closed network)



  • Modify license purchase / authentication / activation function

How to update STU & PAM

How to update of STU & PAM

  1. Run STU 

    If your STU (Scenario Studio) is running, please, stop it including 'Scenario Studio Launcher' in tray menu.

  2. Do update of STU when shows up a popup

    About STU updating, it will takes about 2~3 min to create a runtime environment in your PC at first run.

  3. Do update of STU when shows up a popup.
    If the sign-up windows of STU appears, please, close it first and terminate STU launcher at tray menu.

  4. Check out the version of STU and PAM

    Location of version information

    STU: You can find a version in 'Help > About Scenario Studio' menu.

    Or, Select 'Windows Key > Settings > App & Features' and input 'ARGOS' in the search box.

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